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Established over 4 years ago, SHEXPIR Ukraine has been built from the ground up on a foundation of pure creative design and a passion for corporate branding. We love our agency and as it happens so do our customers, which is why most of our new business comes from referrals and word of mouth.

With a national client-base spanning both the public and private sector including local authority, tourism industry, and business community, we have established a reputation as one of the region’s leading creative agencies.

This, we firmly believe, is not only due to our visionary approach to any challenge but also the level of personal commitment and support we provide throughout all projects.


About us

We are a multi-disciplined agency whose philosophy starts at the brand. Without a good brand you have no foundation, no direction, no real understanding of what can be achieved, if you follow this basic rule: “It all starts at the brand”.

SHEXPIR Ukraine is proud to service clients such as OTP Bank, LUKOIL, Bel, United Nations in Ukraine, Europian Union, Gallina Blanca, Dilmah, Schering-Plough, Premier Palace Hotel, AM Group, ICON Private Equity, Nataly Tours, Schyolkovo Agrochim to name but a few. All are testament to the high level of service we provide, along with or our creative and professional approach because of this we are constantly being referred to by our clients.

What Do We Do


We devise, create and execute innovative solutions, offering our clients a healthy return on their investment.

Who We Are


We’re a family of creatives, from the worlds of digital design, branding, advertising, and marketing. As a team we work to create solutions that deliver tangible results.


+38 (044) 233 28 48

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